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Public Keynote Speaker


His early business career in Europe and the USA included leadership and strategic roles in the Hotel, Real Estate, and Retail sectors, where he noticed that two individuals working in the same role can perform at dramatically different levels of success and effectiveness.  On returning to Ireland he became a lecturer and researcher in Ireland’s foremost Business Faculty where his passion for sharing cutting edge research in a dynamic and engaging style with energy and fun was formed. His sought after corporate services have established his reputation as a cornerstone international speaker on how organisations can work better, and his countless successful BBC One TV projects have made him a household name in his native Northern Ireland. David is a leading authority figure within the Business Community because of his research and academic background, and years of management and leadership experience. With his love of performance and mentalism, and interest in popular psychology, consumer behavior and choice, David has become a sought-after speaker with a reputation for an innovative style that forces audiences to think critically about the challenges around them.

David’s keynotes and training workshops are built from the ground up around interactivity, engagement, and participation.  You’ve had years of powerpoint at your event, and few things switch off delegates than another hastily crafted slide deck.  By putting the audience at the centre of the material and allowing them to drive the direction, you achieve a step change in the return on your event investment.  If you want any message to stick – whether it’s a new strategy, refreshed sales messaging, or the importance of your customers, your audience have to enjoy hearing it. Without true ownership and accountability, no growth will occur.  After years of research, David has learned how to make meaningful change happen in his clients.  Attendees will be empowered with a practical toolkit that they can use immediately in their role, irrespective of hierarchical level, that can make fundamental changes to how they see their organisation and their role in it. By the end of the presentation they’ll feel excited and enthused about the opportunities that the future offers the individuals and teams that comprise it.

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