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Supporting Talent Across the World

Beatus Artists takes a strategic and global approach towards ongoing success for our artists. Our Booking Agency has been breaking new acts and supporting careers since 2016. Thanks to our industry knowledge, our reputation for representing world class artists is unrivaled. Explore the site and see how we can help you.


Our Mission

Beatus Artists has been providing artists with the platform and support they need to flourish since 2016. If you are looking for a booking agency full of passion, dedication, and the right knowledge to push your career to the fore, the search is over! Contact Beatus Artists today to book a meeting.


Beatus Artists has been proud to work with many of the world's greatest classical musicians, film and entertainment special artists, and performing artists. We are committed to enable our artists to excel with distinction while working to each artist’s strengths. Beatus Artists is based on the ideals of exceptional service, strategic vision and expertise within the classical music industry.


Beatus Artists consults to artists of all the areas of the Film and Entertainment, Performing Arts and Music industries, including sponsorship, fundraising, and business development with the expertise.


Beatus Artists is renowned for its ability to create cultural and entertainment events for its clients. We create events that are specifically designed to promote our artists' brand and deepen a client’s relationships.


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